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Meet Pi3rce

PI3RCE (previously known as Olivia Pierce) is a rising pop artist from Los Angeles, California, but moved to Nashville in 2018 to pursue her love of country music. However, her artistry remained conflicted, and she has been making her way through the valleys of alternative, country, and now landing in new-age pop where she feels she has the most freedom for creative expression. Her most recent track “Like Kylie” has a boppy, country-pop style, and while the message seems frivolous on first listen, Olivia explains there is another layer to the lighthearted tune. “When I wrote this song, my life was falling apart, but I looked to successful people to inspire me to keep pushing forward. That's the kind of positive spirit I wanted "Like Kylie" to capture.” Hitting 30,000 streams on Spotify last month, it seems many others connect with the hidden meaning as well. 

As seen on Instagram, her brand is bright, bubbly, and pink pink pink, which she says is sort of her own ironic take on accentuated materialism and femininity. She comments, “I used to hate pink, but everyone always said it was a great color on me. So one day I thought, well, if I’m going to do it, I might as well go over the top!”

Transitioning into ‘PI3RCE’, Olivia is setting up the new electronic pop sound she will be releasing in September, with three singles: “Famous”, “Like Kyllie (Pop Mix)”, and “Influencers”, the title track of her EP coming out 2020. The EP is all about how social media is effecting PI3RCE and the world around her. Becoming a professional fashion blogger at 15, Olivia has had a lot of experience dealing with insta-success and marketing online. Bloggers were the first influencers, and it took a lot of hard work, research, planning, investment, and time to curate an audience and aesthetic to rise to even 10k followers a few years ago. Now that everyone and their dog is a so-called “influencer,” PI3RCE is exposing the way this has changed regular people into overnight celebrities, and how this has changed the world we live in for better or for worse. DOWNLOAD HER NEW SINGLE “FAMOUS” OUT NOW and follow the socially conscious pop singer on Instagram at @pi3rcemusic.

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