How to be Like Kylie for Spring!


In honor of my new single “Like Kylie” coming out April 17th…

I wanted to share a few of my tips and tricks on how to dress Like Kylie for spring!

Kylie is definitely the king of trends and all of her snaps are bursting with stylespiration. There is definitely a 90’s theme through her entire feed, and I’ve identified a few stand out items that can help you be more Like Kylie for under $20!

Fanny Packs

Believe it or not, fanny packs have made a huge comeback into 2019 fashion. I resisted for about a year, since I first saw them pop back up on the runways a few years back. Alas, they made it back into the mainstream, and now I even see stylish men with fanny packs walking around! I got mine at Fashionnova, but they are available on Amazon as well for $10-$15. Sling them over your shoulder or around your waist, they’re a surprisingly useful alternative to a purse!

Compression Shorts + Oversized Tees

Kylie is super into big with small, either having an oversized top with a tight fitting bottom, or a tight top with a loose bottom. I’ve been incorporating this style more into my lifestyle and it really helps boost my confidence when I’m out. since I’m not worries about a skin-tight outfit showing every inch of me. My favorite thing to do is order a Large band tee for that super 90’s flare, and sport it over some knee length compression shorts for a sporty spin.

Dad Hats

Kylie is super into Dad Hats, and I even made my own “Like Kylie” pink hand-stitched dad hat! You can order your own right HERE in my store.

Skinny Sunnies

Skinny Sunnies have also rebounded from the 90’s, which first took off with super models Gigi and Bella Hadid all over major magazines a few years back. They’ve now exploded so much that they’re almost on the out buuutttt I decided to hop on board because KYLIE LOVES skinny sunnies. You can get super cute ones for just $5 on Fashionnova or Amazon.

Long, Bright Nails

Kylie is known for her sparkling long nails, usually in bright colors like blue or orange. However I love pink right now, so I’m always switching between bright and light pink temporary nails. I got mine for $7 on Amazon.

Posie K Lip Kit

Kylie’s lip tutorials blew up the internet a few years back, and so much so, that she now has a billion dollar lipstick company called Kylie Cosmetics. My favorite shade is her Posie K lip kit which is a deep berry color— which has always been my favorite. Right now I’m even giving away a free Kylie Lip Kit to one lucky fan who enters my giveaway! Enter to win yours HERE!

Those are all my tips for today! Watch for my new song “Like Kylie” coming out April 17th and available for PRE SAVE on Spotify now!