Sporty SPICE


Platforms, Snow Pants, and Goggles…

Only I would wear all three at once! However, this is one of my coolest and most favorite looks I’ve worn this season. The dynamics of this outfit are pretty epic, with neon pink slithering between stark black and white contrast. I love playing with loose and tight fits as well, and the tight element of my bodysuit perfectly offsets the plumage of the pants and bomber jacket.

As I wrote in my LAST BLOG, Fanny Packs are back in style in full force and I’ve started adding them to all my sporty outfits to enforce a layer of 90’s spunk into the mix. I’m also obsessed with big spacey sunnies, the kind that no one would actually wear in public… However, I do, and think they create a mystique around an outfit, or at least bring a touch of futurism to an already oh-so-modern ensemble.

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