A VOGUE Fantasy

Photo Mar 23, 9 53 51 AM.jpg

Outfit: Fashionnova

Photography: Elizabeth Ann Photos

This photoshoot was straight out of my Vogue Magazine dreams….

All my life I’ve wanted to be the editor of Vogue Magazine. As a girl, I would take every copy of Vogue I could find and slave over the curated images and layouts, memorizing their flawless design. Each page is like an abstract masterpiece, with flow, line, contrast, and color exploding from corner to corner. They are all about contrasting styles, and that’s why I loved pairing this neon pink with black, as well as elaborate tulle with strong leather. As a ballerina, I’ve always loved tuttus, and having such a beautiful skirt blowing in the wind was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. This outfit reminds me of a 1980’s barbie, and I’m loving playing with bright colors and wild patterns this season.

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